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"Sometimes I believe In As Many As
Six Impossible Things 
Before Breakfast"                                          
-- Alice In Wonderland

Life is all about moving forward. But sometimes we get stuck. Simple as that!


We get stuck in a bad job. Or a bad career. Or in a bad lifestyle. We get stuck in a bad relationship. Or in an abusive relationship. With a loved one. With a partner. With a family member. We get stuck in a bad place in our heads. In our hearts. In our soul. And damn, if getting unstuck doesn't seem like the most horrendous thing you'll ever go through in your entire life. But invariably... and inevitably... there is a way out. A way of getting unstuck. A way of taking that next step and moving forward.


And one of the basic essentials for moving forward... and moving on... is to first discover the very best version of yourself. The Kick-Ass Version of yourself.


Because once you’ve done that, taking that next step is easy.

Throughout the course of my life,

I have taken that next step many times ...

From a skinny little blue baby, born with a hole in his heart. To the poster child for ADHD at the age of 5 after a 16-hour open-heart surgery. From an awkward, pimple-faced schoolboy. To a punk rock bass player in a Hollywood band at the age of 19. From a graduate student in creative writing at USC. To one of the top writers of really, really low-budget films at the age of 31. From a struggling advertising guy, who only ever sold one ad to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. To a lighting specialist for over 150 music videos at the age of 44. And from a successful restaurant and bar owner in Amsterdam. To a Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Personal Development Coach at the age of 63.

And folks, I am just getting started!


Benefits include, but are not limited to…

Inspiration, tenacity, fearlessness, and a state-of-the-art bullshit detector. An extra pair of cojones (detachable of course for you ladies.) A tall drink of cynicism, 40 ounces of pride, a six-pack of humility, a smidgen of audacity, and a shitload of bravado. 


Romanticism, idealism, ambition. Purity, clarity, harmony, happiness. Courage, compassion, patience, presence, purpose. Loving-kindness, conviction, mindfulness. Respect for yourself and respect for others. Dreams, Fairy Tales, Happy Ever After Endings. And most importantly, total belief in yourself.


And here's where I can help...


It starts with invalidating the labels that have been put upon us by others and casting off the labels that we’ve put upon ourselves. Next, we have to reimagine and redefine ourselves. Continually. Consistently. Feverishly. Get rid of that old idea of who you are.


So scorch the fields. Torch the battlements. Burn the bridges behind you. And then allow the light from that flickering blaze to guide you home.


Straight to... The Kick-Ass Version of Yourself.

May The Bridges We Burn

Light The Way!

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