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My Program

My program and I are prepared to turn you into a god damn, stone-cold, kick-ass warrior, brave as hell and completely unafraid to enter the arena!

Week 1: The Discovery Session


This is where we dig down really deep and closely explore your passions, your interests, your dreams, and your plans for the future.

Where you are now?

And where do you want to be tomorrow?


Week 2: We’ll explore your strengths

Your level of self-confidence. Your innate skills. Your courage, your experiences,  your guts, your glory. Your readiness to change. Your willingness to change. And one of the most important steps… Setting SMART Goals.


S --  Specific --  Is the goal specific?

M -- Measurable -- Is the goal measurable?

A --  Achievable -- Is the goal achievable and attainable?

R --  Realistic -- Is the goal realistic? No solving world hunger, please

T -- Time-Sensitive -- Is there a specific time frame or period

       of time in which the goal is going to be accomplished?

And for homework...yes, there will be homework...

I’ve got a Goal Analysis Exercise that will get you to examine your own process of goal setting and how effectively and efficiently you implement your goals once they’ve been set.


Week 3: We go a little deeper and explore your weaknesses


Week 4: We dig even deeper and come up with ways to move beyond those weaknesses. And we do that by examining the effectiveness of the implementation of your intentions. Intention is everything! And by simply specifying the “when, where, and how” of your goal-directed behavior we’ll uncover the means to make your goal attainment more probable.


And for homework, I’ll send you back to the drawing board to explore your “Flow Experiences.” Bringing awareness to moments in your past when you’ve really experienced that “flow state” and everything just seemed to click and fall into place.


Week 5: Reality Check

We take a close look at those moments when your “flow state” kicked into high gear and how it made you feel. What happened to get you “into” that flow state and what were the results of being in that flow state? And, as with any of your goals, we’ll take a close look at what it’s going to take to prepare you for battle. How are you going to tap into that “warrior mindset” and enter the arena as an invincible combattant, destined for glory?


Week 6: Testing It Out

Implementing your newfound strengths. Summoning your newfound courage. And then effectively and fearlessly wielding the weapons that are now in your arsenal so that victory is a foregone conclusion.

Week 7 & 8:  Wrapping Things Up


Summarizing the last month and half of work and then designing a specific plan of attack!

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